Letter from Reader

June 13, 2006

Regular blog-reader and friend Parker Zangoei writes in to say, “Listen here you son of a bitch,” and continues,

Yes you may have found the [soccer] game you watched boring; I will not completly condemn you for this as myinterst in soccer has been for the most part a recent development.  There is definately a learning curve for the enjoyment and appreciation of the game.But, if nothing else, you are in Germany and you should realize theunbelievable impact that this “game” can have on people.  In fact, I imagine most of Germany is taking off work for the next month. The point is, watch the god damn world cup and realize how excelletn/influential it is.

 To Parker and other readers I would like to confess that I was indeed too hasty with my judgment of Fußball (that is, soccer). I’ve now watched three games and am starting to enjoy it. Yesterday the Americans gathered to watch the US team get smashed by the Czech Republic on the big screen. It was an exciting game. I hear the South American teams are even more fun to watch.

[Parker’s email is published without permission. I have left his spelling and punctuation errors unedited in order to embarrass him. In his defense, he was, by his own admission, drunk while composing the email.]


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